Enhanced Respite Services

Breathe and Achieve

Respite Service is a Waiver Service that provides temporary relief for families or other care-givers of people with developmental disabilities of all ages.

Respite is offered in and out of the home (site-based), is available during the day, evening, and overnight. Respite is intended to allow families time for errands, vacations, and other planned activities.

To follow our person-centered approach, AIM's newest initative, Enhanced Respite Services, will provide an individualized approach to traditional Respite Services with an intensive evaluation of each individual to study every aspect of their services;

  • home-based
  • school or day habilitation-based
  • clinical and behavioral interventions

The knowledge gained from the assessment will then be transformed into a specific program for each individual.

The program will be based on overarching valued outcomes and defined goals with visual measurable criteria to ensure that the Respite service enhances each individual’s current program.

Staff will receive global training to include varied diagnosis, behavioral supports, and clinical needs. In addition, they will receive training based on the diagnosis, needs, abilities, and assessment of the specific individual they will be supporting.

Each individual’s program will be reviewed regularly and overtime will evolve to ensure the needs of the individual and their families are always being met as desires change and additional skills are acquired. 

For more information, please contact:
Heather Walters
Program Director for Respite and Community Habilitation
(518) 450-2840


Nick Miner
Program Director of Behavioral Services
(518) 450-2868

Enhanced Respite