Our History

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AIM Services Inc., formerly known as Alternatives In Mankind was chartered in 1979 with the goal of providing local services to meet the specific needs of members of our community.

In 1988, AIM expanded services from Saratoga County to Washington and Warren Counties and opened its first residential home.

In 1989, AIM successfully became nationally accredited with the Accreditation Council.

From 1990-91, AIM opened two more residential homes.

In 1992, AIM expanded services to provide Family Care. At this time, AIM served 21 individuals in residential settings.

In 1994, AIM opened a fourth residential home and received a contract with New York State to provide Family Support Services (FSS) and Individual Support Services (ISS). These services include Respite, Community Habilitation, and Recreation programs. At this time, AIM served 49 individuals in these support services.

In 1997, AIM became an approved provider of services through the Department of Health Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program and opened another residential home for 4 individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries who had come from an institutional setting in Massachusetts.

In 1999, we changed our name from Alternatives In Mankind to AIM Services, Inc.

Jump to 2008, with an $8 million budget, AIM Services, Inc. served 80 individuals residentially, and 250 families in the community.

In 2012, AIM Services, Inc. built and moved into the current office building at 4227 Route 50 in Saratoga Springs.

Jump again to 2015, AIM Services, Inc. opened 6 residential homes and a Day Habilitation Center, and launched their Enhanced Respite Services program.

Today, AIM Services, Inc. continues to expand its innovative services and proudly serves 118 individuals in 17 residential homes and 7 supportive apartments and over 600 families in the community with an $18 million budget.

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