We assist individuals who are looking to self direct their own services through a Consolidated Supports and Services (CSS) plan. There are 3 types of plan a person may have: an OTR=Other than Residential Plan, a Residential Plan, or a Both plan.  A person in this program hires their own staff to assist them with reaching their goals.  They work collaboratively with their Support Broker and their Circle of Support which is made up of family members, friends, and their Medicaid Service Coordinator. Your broker may help assisting with required monthly CSS paperwork, supporting the CSS participant as they supervise their staff, facilitating circle of support meetings, assisting with hiring staff, and communication between circle of support members.    

A CSS residential plan may include services such as learning to cook, maintaining the cleanliness of an apt, improving personal hygiene, and budgeting, etc.  A CSS other than residential plan may include services such as assistance with volunteering in the community, assistance with working in the community, assistance with taking college or continuing education classes, assistance with developing relationships and becoming more involved in community activities, etc.  A person involved in CSS is able to have both types of plans or just one type of plan to meet their needs. 

For further questions regarding this program please contact Danielle Wiltsie at 450-2854 or