Waiver Services

Waiver Services are a flexible array of services and supports that are funded through Medicaid. Your Service Coordinator can assist you in making choices appropriate for you and your family member. AIM Services, Inc. provides the following Waiver Services:

Enhanced Respite Services *Our NEWEST initiative! Check out how we are changing the face of Respite.

Recreation Friday night, Saturday, and Summer programs!

Community Habilitation (Community Hab)

Seeks to assist the individual to improve the self-help skills necessary to perform activities that continually occur at home.   Community Hab is designed around the individual’s goals and activities, from personal grooming to household chores.

Family Education & Training (FET)

FET provides education and training to care-givers of children under the age of 18 who are enrolled in the HCBS Waiver. The purpose is to enhance the family's knowledge, skills, and decision making capacity to help them care for a child with developmental disabilities.  Your Service Coordinator can help you find educational topics based on your needs and wishes.