Common Roots Garden

An accessible garden that is an integrated work site for people of all abilities.

Through the garden AIM Services’ goal is to increase community involvement and appreciation of all abilities while teaching vocational skills to those that have a desire to obtain employment.

  • Man and woman tending fresh flowers in flower box
  • Green Garden Red Shed for garden activities and storage - AIM Services, Inc.
  • Vertical Planter and Flower boxes for Gardening needs - AIM Services, Inc.
  • A young handsome man putting up garden metal fencing - AIM Services, Inc.
  • Beautiful Garden greenhouse for organic plants and flowers Growth - AIM Services, Inc.
  • Wooden garden planters with flowers, herbs and vegetables
  • Outdoor planting tables for Potted Flowers, Plants, Herbs, Succulents - AIM Services, Inc.
  • Wooden Apple pointer in the garden near the Apple trees - AIM Services, Inc.
  • 2 People putting plants in garden table - AIM Services, Inc.
  • Wooden Raised Garden Bed for cultivate plants, vegetable, flowers, herbs - AIM Services, Inc.
  • Plants in flower pots - AIM Services, Inc.
  • Plants being potted into pots for small spaces - AIM Services, Inc.
  • 3 Tier Wooden Vertical flower box with plants - AIM Services, Inc.
  • Plants & flowers in pots on wooden bench - AIM Services, Inc.
  • A man picking up apples from his garden apple tree - AIM Services, Inc.
  • Vertical garden freestanding elevated flowers 5 container boxes
  • Green plant leaves
  • Clever people planting plants in raised bed
  • Sowing and growing eggplants
  • Plants in romantic red flower box
  • Large apple tree under sunny sky
  • Close up of apples on apple tree
  • Man checking on carrots in a raised gardening bed