Older male in wheelchair smiling at woman wearing a facemask

Keeping their dreams alive

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Community Leader Jeff Vukelic and Saratoga Eagle will match every donation dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 until May 30th!

This May we are celebrating a new global effort of giving back and unity in response to needs during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – Giving Tuesday Now.

In January we launched “Keeping Their Dreams Alive” – a campaign dedicated to supporting the dreams and goals of people of diverse abilities. With current events, “Keeping Their Dreams Alive” has taken on a new meaning as our essential workers, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), are working around the clock to keep the people served by AIM, healthy, happy and safe.

Staff wearing mask being hugged from behind by a man with disabilities in a blue shirtWhere we would be without Direct Support Professionals…

…who leave their families every day to support and protect people of diverse abilities. These essential workers are the critical lines of defense against the COVID-19 pandemic for the vulnerable population we support. Every day they are doing everything from helping people of diverse abilities care for themselves, safely navigate their community, adjust to changes in schedules and daily life, achieve goals, work on fulfilling dreams and more. DSPs place themselves in harm’s way to support others while making a genuine difference in peoples’ quality of life.

This is only part of their story…

DSPs also are teaching and caring for their kids home from school, helping aging parents, and facing financial instability as the economy shifts into a potential recession. They were there yesterday, they are there today and they will be there tomorrow.

Direct Support Professionals make incredible sacrifices and have major financial struggles as we continue their fight for a living wage (#BFair2DirectCare). These brave and selfless people protect others and help them live out their dreams. They have chosen a path in life that regards giving to those in need more than receiving.

Dreams at AIM come true because of the partnerships Direct Support Professionals have formed with those they serve. They operate by the code of putting the thoughts and dreams of others before their own. The social and financial recognition we ask you to show today, and always, to our essential Direct Support Professionals will improve the lives of the people we support.


Older male in blue jacket smiling with two younger women wearing face masks

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