AIM Spring Raffle man on canoe in Lake Placid

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Getaway to Lake Placid, NY with a stay at the luxurious Mirror Lake Inn, shop at local boutiques, and dine at the area’s best restaurants!

Proceeds from the AIM 2019 Spring Raffle will go directly to supporting people of diverse abilities.

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This Over $1800 Value Package Includes:

$25 for one ticket | $100 for five tickets

Winner will be drawn on Tuesday May 14th at noon.

Presented by Circle of Support Sponsors:
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Our mission is to support the “power of potential” in people of diverse abilities. In 2019 and beyond, your donation will help people live as independently as possible. Each year families are challenged with the cost of the necessary behavioral assessments required to access services and purchase adaptive equipment that would improve the lives of their loved ones. The inability to pay for these costly assessments, often $400 or more, prevent hundreds of families from accomplishing their dreams and goals.

This past year, the funding of a behavioral assessment resulted in financing the construction of a protective barrier in a family’s yard. This fence has allowed their young daughter to play freely outside without fear of injury. Imagine what each person can accomplish and enjoy as we ensure they are able to access these vital behavioral assessments.

Funding these assessments will often result in the subsequent funding of the specific need or service; the door to so many more supports and services. Last year’s need totaled $88,049; we provided $52,386 of that request. That left $35,663 of unfunded dreams and opportunities. You can change that!

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Photo credit: Mirror Lake Inn.