Enhanced Respite Care in Saratoga, Warren & Washington Counties

This service is intended to give a break for the primary caregiver. This can be a one-on-one service or a small group depending on the people enrolled. Respite can also be used within Recreation.

Respite is offered in and out of the home, and is available during the day, evening, and overnight.

Why is it Enhanced?

Enhanced Respite takes traditional Respite and “enhances” it with a clinical and behavioral component.

The process starts with an initial assessment and evaluation of the services already provided to the person. The knowledge gained is then transformed into a specific program for each person that is adjacent with their current services.

The program uses person-centered planning to develop overarching valued outcomes that are individualized for the person and their families. These outcomes include measurable criteria to ensure that the service enhances each person’s current program of services.

Staff go through additional individualized behavior-specific training to meet the more complex needs of the person being supported. As well as group training’s that educate and expose the staff to the latest research-based behavioral strategies. One-on-one mentoring is offered for any staff member.

Each person’s program is reviewed regularly and is always evolving to ensure the needs of the person and their families are always being met.

This service is unique to AIM Services, Inc.

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