Individualized Residential Alternatives

AIM Services, Inc. currently owns and operates seventeen (17) Individualized Residential Alternative (“IRAs”) in Saratoga, Warren and Washington County.  An IRA is defined by OPWDD as “a type of community residence that provides room, board and individualized service options. Supervised IRAs provide 24-hour staff support and supervision for up to 14 residents per home. Day services are also available for individuals living in IRAs and may include day habilitationprevocational services and supported employment. Depending upon the individual’s skill level, some may be competitively employed.

Family Care Program

AIM Services, Inc. currently oversees four (4) Family Care Providers in Saratoga, Warren and Washington County Per OPWDD “Family Care program provides community-based residential housing in certified private homes for individuals with developmental disabilities. By providing the support, guidance and companionship of a family, the Family Care program fosters a caring and stable home environment for children, adolescents and adults. Family Care uses certified private homes to provide residential services to individuals of all ages who are developmentally disabled and unable to live independently in the community.”