Your Donation Helps Us to Help Others

What is the power of potential?

  • It’s supporting the capacity of each individual to experience the world.
  • It’s encouraging and supporting each person on the road to accomplishing their dreams.
  • Imagine learning for the first time that you can fish, and you love it.
  • Imagine being given the opportunity and assistance to have a pet to love.
  • Imagine being given the honor to hang your artwork in a gallery.
  • Imagine setting out on the road to visit places you have never seen.


Your support directly enhances the lives of the people supported at AIM Services, Inc. With your generosity the people we serve realize the depth of their abilities and potential to obtain all that they envision for their lives.

Support the power of potential in people with disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries. Your kind act of giving will have a tremendous outcome, and there are several ways you can donate to AIM Services, Inc.! Click the donate button below to submit your secure online donation to AIM Services, Inc.