Executive Office

Chris Lyons, Executive Director pictured with two people supported by AIM

Christopher Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Phelps

Chief Operating Officer

Brittany Hoosier

Associate Executive Director

Diane Hall portrait

Diane Hall

Associate Executive Director/Compliance Officer

Elizabeth 'BJ' Lent

Associate Executive Director

Noelle Fortier portrait

Noelle Fortier

Senior Administrative Assistant

Aura Englese 2022

Aura Englese

Assistant Director of Administration


Bo Goliber

Bo Goliber

Chief Development and Communications Officer

Marissa Romero 2022

Marissa Romero

Director of Marketing & Events

Lauren St Pierre 2022

Lauren St. Pierre

Director of Grants


Janine Gennett 2022

Janine Gennett

Director of Clinical Auditing

Chris Saj 2022

Christopher Saj

Director of Agency Transition


Scott Hartung 2022

Scott Hartung

Chief Financial Officer

Devin Grant 2022

Devin Grant

Director of Finance

Matt Stevens portrait

Matthew Stevens

Director of Finance Self Direction

Carrie Locke portrait

Carrie Locke


Human Resources/Staff Development

Nafeesa Koslik 2022

Nafeesa Koslik

Director of Workforce Development and Culture

Ashley Ritson 2022

Ashley Ritson

Recruitment Specialist

Aimee Dake 2022

Aimee Dake

Director of Agency Relations

Rickke Mabie 2022

Rickke Mabie

Assistant Director of Staff Development

Meg Montanye 2022

Meghan Montanye

Staff Development Coordinator


Brandy Donbeck 2022

Brandy Donbeck

Director of Clinical Services

Lisa Norton 2022

Lisa Norton

Senior Behavior Specialist

Damon Casey 2022

Damon Casey

Senior Behavior Specialist

Department of Health

Heather Harple 2022

Heather Harple

Assistant Director Department of Health

Community Services

Brooke Mattison 2022

Brooke Mattison

Assistant Director of Day Services and Family Care Liaison

Audrey Marion 2022

Audrey Marion

Assistant Director of Community Habilitation & Respite

Self Direction

Tammy Fuda 2022

Tammy Fuda

Assistant Director of Self Direction Fiscal


Charity Clement 2022

Charity Clement

Director of Residential Services

Charity Bosford 2022

Charity Bosford

Assistant Director of Residential

Dan Hickey 2022

Dan Hickey

Assistant Director of Residential

Kim Mackey 2022

Kim Mackey

Assistant Director of Residential

Heather Savio

Heather Savio

Assistant Director of Residential

Alec Svoboda 2022

Alec Svoboda

Assistant Director of Residential

Derek Taylor 2022

Derek Taylor

Program Director of Residential Development/Master Housing Navigator


Bob Wiltsie 2022

Robert Wiltsie

Director of Maintenance

Tifani Bartwitz

Tifani Bartwitz

Assistant Director of IT