Family Support Services Grant (FSS)

This is a grant that families can apply for within three categories:

  • Respite Reimbursement –Reimbursement to help offset the cost associated with the care of your loved one.
  • Behavioral Reimbursement – Reimbursement for the cost of in-home behavioral supports and services delivered by a certified professional to assist your loved one in living a richer life.
  • Other than Respite – Reimbursement for the cost of goods associated with improving the lives of their loved ones such as community classes, skiing lessons, or other services that have been denied from other avenues.

How to Apply for the FSS Grant

Contact your Care Coordinator, and they will assist you in completing and submitting an application.


To be eligible for Family Support Services (FSS), you or your loved one must;

  • Have a Care Coordinator.
  • Live in a non-certified family setting (cannot be living independently or in a residential setting)

If you are interested in Family Support Services (FSS) with AIM Services, Inc., please contact Katie Page, Program Director for Employment Services directly at (518) 450-2859 or, for further information and guidance regarding this process and what information will be required.

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