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There are many ways to support the power of potential with AIM Services, Inc.!

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Take the opportunity to offer monetary support to further enrich a person’s life. Your donation can enhance someone’s life in countless way; supporting someone to take a class to further their interest or learn a new skill, assist someone to realize their desire to attend a concert, sports game, or other events in the community. Your support too will provide the additional funding needed to support a program such as Community Services’ Friday Night Owls Program. Your donation can allow our programs to purchase new art supplies or a residential setting to buy a new dinner table. With your donation, unlocking the power of potential is possible!

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AIM Services Events

Attend an Event

Take advantage of the opportunity to simultaneously support AIM Services while having an unforgettable experience at one of our many fundraising events. Playing croquet with us in the summer, drinking wine with us in the fall, entering a raffle for a getaway in the spring, or attending one of our other events throughout the year, are a few of our many opportunities to experience AIM and contribute to the Power of Potential. By participating in our fundraising events, you further empower the people we support, to have their own unforgettable life experiences.

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Join the Team

Join our team of motivated individuals who share a passion for enriching the lives of those we support. Explore the many programs and services offered at AIM and discover where you may best contribute to the lives of the people we serve. Through your exploration you will discover the many unique ways AIM Services supports and advocates for people with disabilities, including those with traumatic brain injuries.

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Get Involved with AIM Services

Share your Story

Experience real life stories from the people of AIM Services, Inc. and share your own (you could be on the radio!). Through this experience sharing, you will gain a more personal understanding of AIM Services’ impact on individuals’ lives. This is your chance to take a glimpse into a person’s life or to share with everyone the impact a person with a disability has had on your own life.

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Services at AIM Services

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