Residential Settings for People with Disabilities in Upstate NY

A Certified Residential Setting is a home or apartment where you or your loved one will receive resources and support to live as independently as possible, while expanding social opportunities. Through involvement in activities and experiences of your choice, you become an integral member of your community. Certified Residential Settings also support you or your loved one with daily living skills such as personal care and cooking balanced meals.

Residential Settings vary in size and can be as individualized as a one-bedroom apartment.

Using person-centered planning, homes and support plans are designed to meet each person’s wants, desires, hopes, and dreams, while ensuring that appropriate supports are in place to meet their evolving needs.

Types of Certified Residential Settings

There are three types of Certified Residential Settings, based on the level of supports, services, and resources you or your loved one needs;

Supervised Residences

Supervised Residences provide 24/7 staff support to you or your loved one. Each person is supported in making informed choices, being a part of their community, socializing, and fostering personal growth.

Supportive Residences

Supportive Residences, often in the form of an apartment shared with one other person, provide staff support, as needed, to you or your loved. In a supportive residence, each person is typically offered a maximum of 20 hours of individualized staff support. A Supportive Residence is a natural stepping stone to leading a more independent life.

Family Care

In Family Care, you or your loved one lives in the home of a certified provider. Each provider offers individualized supports and services derived from person-centered planning. While living in a certified Family Care home, you or your loved one becomes part of the family and intregal member of their community.

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