Considering Self-Direction

AIM Services’ Self-Direction offers people the flexibility to choose the mix of supports and services that are right for them.

map of NYS
Blue indicates AIM’s Self-Direction service area.

Self-Direction is based on:

  • Increasing the options and choices that you have for full inclusion and access to the community
  • Greater independence so you have every opportunity to make decisions and choices for yourself
  • Exercising freedom by selecting the services and supports that you need as well as who provides them and where you receive them
  • Preparing you to take full advantage of the Self-Direction by giving a variety of opportunities to make decisions and learn about the relationship between decisions and consequences

This is AIM’s largest program and continues to grow each year!

In addition to AIM being one of the region’s most sought-after providers, we have also been chosen as an agency representative for New York in a National Learning Collaborative that will help further enhance and empower self-direction’s role in the lives of the people we support.

View the Step-by-Step Guide to Start Self-Direction