Recreation Programs for People with Disabilities

This is a service available to people of all ages who are looking to socialize, build friendships, and engage with the community.

The Owls and Saturday Recreation programs run year round, while Summer Recreation runs for 8 weeks in July and August.

Recreation Programs


For ages 5-12, this program is for children with disabilities to spend an evening participating in sensory and craft activities, group projects, and physical activities to help release energy. Behavior supports and incentive programs are incorporated to help with socialization and appropriate interactions.

Activities include, but are not limited to;

  • Painting with various mediums
  • Sculpture
  • Fun science experiments; creating sensory dough/slimes, volcanoes, and other (safe) chemical reactions that cause things to expand or change consistencies
  • Sports
  • Team-building challenges
  • Kid gyms
  • Kid museums

Owls is held on Fridays from 4:30-8:30pm and Sundays 1:00pm -4:00pm. Locations vary.
The last Sunday of every month there is a time change to 10:00am-12:00pm for the Making Connections Program at The Children’s Museum at Saratoga.
Once a month there is a day at We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym. Dates vary.

Siblings ages 5-12 are invited to come the last weekend of every month for a small fee of $5.

Activity fees for kids who are enrolled are covered by AIM, parents are responsible for any activity fees for siblings.

Saturday Recreation

Saturday Recreation consists of two programs;

  • Teen Recreation, ages 12-19
  • Adult Recreation, ages 19 and up

This program is designed for the people we serve to spend a half-day with their peers on Saturdays participating in activities out in the community promoting socialization, building friendships, and engaging with the community. Activities include, but are not limited to;

  • Attending performances
  • Museums
  • Sports games
  • Movies
  • Boat rides
  • Bowling
  • Luncheons

Saturday Recreation is held on Saturdays. Start times alternate weeks and either start at 10am, or 3pm for approximately 5 hours. Locations vary.

To participate, please complete the Saturday Recreation Application (Click Here)

Click Here for DECEMBER 2018 Calendar of Saturday Recreation Events!

Summer Recreation

For ages 5-21, this program is for children and teens that are enrolled in school to spend a week in the summer participating in several outdoor activities in the community to promote a social atmosphere and friendships. Activities include, but are not limited to;

  • County fairs
  • Amusement/Water parks
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Sports games
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