Self Direction Services for People with Disabilities

AIM Services Inc. Self Direction gives you or your loved one the flexibility to choose the mix of supports and services that are right for you or them. With Self Direction, you or your loved one chooses the services, the staff and organizations that provide them, and a schedule that works best for you or your loved one.

Each person is unique. Self Direction empowers people to design supports based on their unique strengths and needs. It gives the person control over the funding used to purchase their services.

Self Direction is based on:

  • Increasing the options and choices that you have for full inclusion and access to the community
  • Greater independence so you have every opportunity to make decisions and choices for yourself.
  • Exercising freedom by selecting the services and supports that you need as well as who provides them and where you receive them.
  • Preparing you to take full advantage of the Self Direction by giving a variety of opportunities to make decisions and learn about the relationship between decisions and consequences.

Types of Self Direction Plans

There are three types of plans:

  • Residential Plan – This service is assistance within the home and may include services such as learning to cook, maintaining the cleanliness of an apartment, improving personal hygiene, and budgeting.
  • Other than Residential (OTR) – This service is out of the home assistance and may include services such as assistance with volunteering or working in the community, taking college or continuing education classes, developing relationships and becoming more involved in community activities.
  • Both Plan – A combination of the two plans described above.

When you or your loved one is approved for Self Direction, the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities will present a list of providers to choose a Start Up/Support Broker and Fiscal Intermediary. AIM Services, Inc. is a provider of all Self Direction service options.

Broker Services

This service is provided throughout the Capital District region.

Start Up Broker – Using a person-centered planning process, the Start Up Broker works with you and your circle of support to develop a plan of services. The plan is designed to identify the valued outcomes the person seeks to achieve, the learning process you wish to use to acquire these skills, and the people who will help teach the desired skills. As part of this process, brokers also work with you and your circle of support to develop a budget that will fund the plan.

Support Broker – Once the plan is established, the Support Broker will work with you to maintain the plan. The Support Broker can help recruit, interview and train new staff. They work closely with you and your Care Manager to ensure the plan continues to meet your needs and valued outcomes. The broker also monitors the established budget and ensures necessary paperwork is completed in a timely manner.

Fiscal Intermediary (FI)

This service is provided throughout the Capital District, Long Island, Taconic, Hudson, and Sunmount regions.

The Fiscal Intermediary (FI) acts as the employer of record and ensures that hiring paperwork is complete. AIM Services, Inc. then complete all tasks associated with being your “bank” and your “payroll”. In addition to completing background checks for the self hired staff and ensuring the appropriate training is completed.

AIM Services, Inc.