Supported Decision-Making New York

Supported Decision-Making (SDM) is a now well recognized practice by which people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) are able to make their own decisions with the support of trusted persons in their lives and retain all their legal and civil rights. As SDMNY has shown, SDM is useful and available for Decision-Makers who are as diverse as the population of New York.

Through extensive collaboration with families, school districts, Care Managers and SDMNY, AIM has become an integral part of advocating and advancing Supported Decision-Making as an alternative to guardianship. Extensive time and resources from AIM staff have been shifted toward furthering the education with individuals and their caregivers to introduce Supported Decision-Making as the most person-centered option to retain important rights and to give them the life-long decision-making skills they need to be active members of their communities.

Within its extensive network, AIM has become an active and influential collaborator with partners, hosting information sessions and building strong relationships with individuals and families, helping to spread the word about this crucial person-centered option in lieu of Guardianship. AIM is also working to encourage policy-makers and organizations to learn about Supported Decision-Making.

AIM has now incorporated SDM as part of its strategic initiatives, ensuring that the individuals and families they support have access to the information and options, as well as any ancillary information regarding health, finances, and living opportunities. As a true person-centered partner, AIM walks beside families to guide them through the process, ensuring that the individual being supported has access to customized options to live their most independent/least restrictive life possible.

For more information on Supported Decision-Making New York, visit their website.

You can reach out to Nellie Long, Director of Administration at AIM, to learn more directly at (518) 430-2907 or