How do we AIM for More?

Graphic with text "AIM for more than enough". Being heard > being told. Thinking outside the box > checking boxes. Cultivating connections > organized outings. Thriving at the job you choose > reporting for a job you were assigned. Feeling supported > feeling stuck. Seeing access to opportunities > succumbing to obstacles.In a world where the needs of people with disabilities are constantly evolving, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Challenges will always arise, and oftentimes, systems in place don’t yet have answers for these evolving needs. More innovation and forward-thinking solutions are necessary to continue creating customized supports. 

People living with disabilities are often offered only enough to help them get by. It can feel like being asked to fit inside a box designed by someone else and approved by people they’ve never even met.

But AIM offers more. More opportunities for those we serve to weigh in on their own future. More support to help them navigate life’s path. More exposure to meaningful opportunities and connections that help positively shape the way they see themselves. More choices with whom and how they live.

Because enough isn’t enough. We will always AIM for More.       

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