Rewarding Work, Compassionate People

AIM Services, Inc. strives to be on the forefront of innovative services. With a staff dedicated to supporting the power of potential in people with developmental disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries, AIM provides people and their families with thoughtful and modern services. Join our vibrant team of people doing the right thing!

AIM Services, Inc. offers competitive pay rates, paid training, and a full benefits package.

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Why work for AIM?

Ask any AIM Services, Inc. employee and they will tell you…

“I enjoy being part of AIM because we are afforded the freedom to be creative in the manner in which we support the people. Instead of being told the reasons a person can’t do something, we ask how can we do it.”

“It allows me to empower the people I support to create and experience life’s choices on their terms.”

“I have had the honor of working for the AIM Agency for five years now. I have asked myself ever since, “what was I doing with my life before working in this field?” It is the most humbling, rewarding job I have had in 30 years of work.”

“Although working in accounting and finance gives me satisfaction, there is no greater feeling of satisfaction than knowing that I contributed to making a difference in people’s lives. Getting to know the people that AIM serves, and understanding each person’s success story makes this the best job I could ever imagine.”

“I enjoy working for AIM because each and every day I bring a smile to someone’s face, which in turn brings one to mine!”

AIM Services, Inc.