Benefiting Your Business

Empowering Potential in People of Diverse Abilities through Business Partnership

How does employing a person with diverse abilities affect my business and our community?

AIM focuses on supporting individuals in achieving their personal goals. Employing a person of diverse abilities not only imparts meaning in their lives, but it also has many positive impacts for businesses:

  • Adds highly motivated people to the workforce, which leads to increased productivity
  • Promotes an inclusive culture and appeals to the talents of the types of employees that organizations hope to attract
  • Fewer sick days: Employees with disabilities have lower rates of absenteeism; reports of perfect attendance are common.
  • Less Attrition: People with disabilities are less likely to change jobs, reducing the cost of turnover estimated to be 50%-150% of the position’s annual salary.
  • Financial Incentives to businesses through state and government tax credits

A Better Economy

When people with disabilities are employed with a paid job in the community, they depend less on the government for assistance. Instead, these individuals draw an annual salary, pay taxes, and contribute to the economy.

How does AIM support our business partners?

  • AIM supports businesses in creating work-based learning experiences, including listed job tasks, provided training, on-boarding, and maintenance of role, and in some cases, provide temporary wages while the potential employee learns position and business’ needs
  • AIM provides businesses with diverse employment candidates who have received customized training
  • AIM also provides ongoing support to the employee throughout the job match, ensuring a successful and mutually beneficial partnership

Hear from one local business, SingleCut Beersmiths, about their successful partnership!