Dear Friend,

As we gratefully reflect on the year thus far and look ahead to summer with hopeful optimism, we are humbled by the continued generosity of donors, like you. We also hope to inspire others with stories of giving, like that of Tom and Beth Flynn.

Tom and Beth Flynn wearing I AM AIM hoodies
“Together we are AIM. We believe in supporting people on their road to achieving greater independence in their lives,” – Tom and Beth Flynn.

The Flynns have been supporters of AIM for more than 10 years, both personally and through their business, Jaeger & Flynn. While there are many organizations in the community doing great work, they say it is the passion and authenticity from AIM, as well as the unwavering commitment toward its person-centered approach to providing support for people living with developmental and intellectual disabilities, that keeps them coming back.

“We appreciate that AIM makes everything they do feel personal. There’s a level of compassion and caring toward their donors, their staff and the people they support that makes us want to keep giving to them,” said Tom Flynn.

Tom and Beth believe giving back in any form in one’s community is something you should do if you can. They have come to realize the importance of partnerships between donors and organizations, like AIM, in order to keep people and programs thriving, and they believe these relationships are part of what makes our community such a great place to live.

“This community has always been incredibly generous. We feel grateful to be part of it and to be able to give back to AIM because we know the impact we can have in people’s lives,” said Beth Flynn.

Here are some examples of how your dollars are making a difference:
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Your Power Impacts Our Potential

At AIM, our donors are a crucial part of what makes our way of providing support services so unique. The personalized connections with our community partners help us reach beyond what is covered by state and federal funding to fulfill the wishes, hopes and dreams of the people we support. With your contributions, we can provide enhanced opportunities and experiences that offer recreation and adventure, arts and music, goal-setting and life-skills, community-connection and volunteerism, and independence and self-direction. It is because of our donors that we don’t say “no”, we say “how”, and the people we support are offered greater independence and a sense of inclusion because of your partnership.

What’s Your AIM?

If you ask Tom and Beth about how giving back to others became a part of who they are at their core, they’ll tell you “we were shown examples along the way”.

Every day at AIM, we are humbled by the examples that help shape us and influence our work. We are grateful and inspired by our donors who share our commitment to our core values of Integrity, Individuality, Inclusion and Independence. We invite you to make a donation, today, and as always, your unrestricted gift to our annual fund will become an integral part of our ongoing efforts to make an impact in the lives of the people we support with diverse abilities.

For your convenience, we have enclosed a remittance envelope and more information on the other exciting ways to give to AIM.

Thank you so much for your support.

Donate Now

Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, we sold 161 sweatshirts online, plus an additional 25/$1000 from our sponsor Jaeger and Flynn Associates, Inc! We are so grateful for the support and look forward to continuing our engagement with you through our powerful #IAmAIM stories and upcoming events.

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AIM Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the “power of potential” in people of diverse abilities. Through residential and community-based services, advocacy, and education, our dedicated professionals focus on supporting people in achieving their personal goals, while promoting a sense of self-confidence and independence. At AIM, the people we support are at the center of everything we do. We listen to their wants in addition to their needs, and we provide them with a supportive model that allows them to manage their care. Your support of our fundraisers, like this one, allows us to provide services, experiences and support that are above and beyond what is covered by state and federal funding. It allows us to say “how” instead of “no”, and we cannot do it without you. Thank you for embodying the core values of AIM and for supporting our mission.