See through the stereotypes. See me for my leadership.

Andrew skiing Andrew is a 27-year-old community leader and local bachelor, who loves to organize social activities and spend a lot of time outdoors. An avid skier in the winter and golfer in the summer, Andrew’s adventures are always fueled by friendship and fun.

A fan of modern pop music and a foodie, he’ll never turn down a “good roasted leg of lamb” or a meal at his favorite restaurant, Druthers. He loves to cook and hang with his buds, sharing a laugh or exchanging cool stories.

Andrew with a friend standing over a stove cooking together

Andrew is employed as a support staff for Self-Direction and Day Hab programs. He speaks openly about having autism and feels that everyone should be accepted for exactly who they are, and that everyone has a purpose.

Andrew said, “People with autism are amazing. We make great friends and loyal employees.”

When it comes to being seen as a leader, Andrew feels like helping others is just something he’s meant to do. He loves putting things into place that can help bring people together.

“I organize social activities because I want people to have a safe place to go and just be themselves.”