See through the stereotypes. See me for my determination.

Emily with her friend Liz standing together wearing masksEmily is a force of strength and integrity, complemented by a witty sense of humor and a passion for acting. Born in Connecticut, she’s lived here in the Capital Region for the past few decades with her roommate and friend, Liz. Emily describes the meaningful relationships in her life with her best girlfriends as “a little like The Golden Girls or a Hallmark Movie.”

Known in her apartment complex as the “First Lady of Football”, Emily is happy to chat about the game while eating wings, sharing stats and chatting about the best players in the league. She’s a Giants girl at heart, but she’ll fall back to the Bills, like this year, since the Giants “didn’t do so hot”. She blends her love of sports with a healthy love of shopping, despite the fact that she has “more clothes than Santa has Christmas presents.”

She likes being social and isn’t intimidated by making new friends. She likes getting out for fun events and is excited about an upcoming outdoor adventure called “Fire on the Mountain” with a large group, where they’ll listen to music and get to ride on a limo bus.

Emily is open about having a disability but said she really doesn’t give a lot of thought to what other people think about her. She is more concerned about advocating for others and encouraging people to care for one another: “Hold the door, be kind, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

“We don’t do anything differently than you do. We all put our pants on one leg at a time. I don’t worry too much about how other people see me because what matters the most is how I see myself. I am capable. I can and I do. That’s what matters.”