See through the stereotypes. See me for my creativity.

Kai standing in front of a mural she paintedKai is a kind-hearted creative soul who channels her talent through artwork, cooking and gardening. She believes her politeness is another characteristic that sets her apart, and it’s a big part of what has made her so successful at her 19-year career at TJ Maxx as a sales associate. She enjoys her role in customer service and says she takes great pride in helping the company keep the store neat and looking its best for the shoppers.

A lover of nature, Kai loves to walk around Hovey Pond to look at birds, frogs and snakes. In the summer, she looks forward to swimming in Lake George and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. One of her favorite things to do is paint kindness rocks and leave them for other people to find and take home.

Kai painting a muralHer creative works often reflect her love of her surroundings and landscape, but she’s also a fan of creating fantasy drawings and bedazzling her clothes with bright colors and making jewelry as well. She shares an equal passion for cooking and uses her favorite cooking show “Chopped” as some of her inspiration in the kitchen. Whether it’s baking, cooking or making sushi, Kai feels like she’s sharing love when she’s sharing her talents with others.

Known by others as someone who would “do anything for anybody”, Kai says she is committed to doing the right thing.

“I like taking care of people and being nice. It makes me feel good, and it makes other people feel good, too.”