Women with bright red hair and masking taking a selfie with a girl with glassesI never had it in my mind to find this job. A friend shared on Facebook that AIM Services was hiring. I sent in my application. The next day I had a call. I thought when I went in for my interview at the house that there would be just one person. Everyone was there! I was nervous. I never did this type of work. I do have personal care experience with a family member that had Alzheimer’s, but nothing like this. When I was young, I wanted to be a nurse. My mom got sick and I had to start caring for her, so I had to let go of those dreams. I worked six years in a warehouse, but I wanted to do something else. I was afraid of this job, but I went in with a let’s give it a try attitude. I am about to celebrate my two-year work anniversary, and this year I was promoted to a Program Assistant, which is like an Assistant Manager.

I like to learn. I always ask a lot of questions. The home where I work is a second home. I work a lot there because there are always open shifts. I also just know that the individuals there need us; they live there because they need our support. Since I have started working at the house, I have moved my schedule around a lot. I have worked evenings and days and different ends of the week. I have worked with a lot of different people. I say to myself let’s give it a try, maybe I can do it. I know that I have to be very patient in this field. I am always trying to do my best.

I feel so proud of myself for the relationships I have with these people. When I go on vacation, I have to call the house all the time and see how everyone is doing. When I returned from vacation, everyone ran to me and told me how much they missed me. I have also been able to take people on their own vacations. These are great experiences. I have also learned to communicate with people. I have learned that someone who yells, isn’t necessarily angry; they are communicating.

Two women, one with a reindeer headband and sticking her tongue outSince the beginning of the pandemic, we are doing lots of new things so people are having fun and not bored. I often work my day off so I can take people to the park. Being stuck inside more than ever is difficult. Everyone is missing their routine. I understand that it is when people are bored that they have a difficult reaction, so we try to do new and fun things with them.

This organization is amazing. Everyone always wants to help you, give you instructions, and answer your questions. Everyone is so friendly and there for you when you need help and support. Working here has changed my life for good. I care so much for the people I support. We spend so much time together that they feel like family. It was the best decision taking this job. I am learning every day. There are always new lessons. I feel like my coworkers and I work like a team. We are always sharing, communicating, and on the same page. I am happy where I am in my position. As you continue to grow, you never know where you are going to end up. I feel like I will be here forever.

I would like people to look at my experience and the happiness I have in this field. This is a great organization. If you join, you will learn a lot and you do not need to come with experience. Give it a chance. Here, they really care about employees.

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