Celebrating DSP Week

collage of images of people, with text thank you DSPs!

This week, AIM celebrated Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week! Although DSPs are recognized for the remarkable work they do throughout the year, this is a unique time to draw attention to the professionals who go above and beyond every single day for the people they support. This year, we would like to acknowledge all that…
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Emily and Maura: An Unbreakable Bond

Woman smiling holding painting stuck with another woman with curly hair

In recognition of Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Week, we are honored to share this incredible story with you—one that illustrates the power of personal connection and demonstrates just how meaningful and lifechanging our work can be, not only for the individuals we support, but for their loved ones as well. We invite you to read…
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PoP 3.7.2021: Interview with Karen Gregory

Woman with glasses and maroon sweater with text "Interview with Karen Gregory"

Walt: Star Radio, Sunday Jazz Brunch. It’s time, once again, for the Power of Potential with AIM Services, supporting people with disabilities and traumatic brain injury. Each week, we get a chance to talk to you the Executive Director, Chris Lyons. Good morning, sir. Chris Lyons: Good morning, Walt. Happy Sunday. It’s great to visit…
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Happy Valentine’s Day: Love, AIM

Man with mask standing with woman holding a teddy bear

This Valentine’s Day, we at AIM find ourselves in a state of deep reflection. We reflect on the years past when we gathered to celebrate love and friendship at our annual Valentine’s Day Dance. This February, although the in-person dance is missing, the instances of love, kindness, selflessness, and the formation of remarkable relationships are…
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PoP 1.24.2021: Celebrating Charity & Kate’s 15 Year AIM Anniversary

Three woman smiling together, one of the woman is older

Walt: Time once again for the Power of Potential with AIM Services, supporting people with disabilities and traumatic brain injury. Each week we check in with Executive Director, Chris Lyons. Chris, how you doing my friend? Chris Lyons: Very well Walt, thank you. I’m hoping you’re doing well in the chilly bunker of Lake George…
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Honoring Direct Support Professionals for National DSP Week

Stacie wearing a face mask and t-shirt that says "I am freaking essential"

September 13th marks the beginning of the nationwide, week long, celebration of direct support professionals. Direct Support Professionals Week, or DSP Week, allows AIM Services and other organizations offering similar support, to focus on the significant contributions of this essential workforce. The annual observance could not be more deserving at a time where we are…
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