A Christmas Story.. the AIM version header

A Christmas Story…the AIM version.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps that has never been more apparent than by comparing these two photos side-by-side. Let us explain…

side by side pictures of Chad from 2016 and then 2023

Eight years ago, AIM began supporting Chad after he spent decades in an institution. He was fearful, skeptical, slow to trust, and disengaged.

Now, in 2023, Chad has a renewed sense of wonder, a trust in others, a joyful curiousness that keeps him connected, and he’s more independent than ever.

So, why are we sharing this with you?

It can be difficult for us to articulate how and why our approach at AIM is truly transforming lives, but when we came across these two pictures and had the chance to reflect on how incredible Chad’s journey with us has been, we wanted to share it with all of you as well.

AIM’s Director of Marketing and Events, Marissa Romero, describes the transformation she noticed in Chad, saying, “You could actually see the twinkle in his eyes! When I took his picture in 2016, I remember him being resistant, scared, and uninterested. And this time, he was joyful, excited, and happy.”

The Greatest Gift of All…

So, now that you’ve heard the story, we hope you’ll see the big picture. The holiday season isn’t about presents…it’s about presence. By showing up with consistency and compassion and listening to Chad’s unique perspective, we’ve offered life-enriching opportunities for him to rediscover the importance of meaningful connection, so that he can now impart meaning in his life on his own terms.

From our hearts to yours, we thank you for all you do to brighten the season for us and for those we support, and we hope your holiday season is filled with all the people and things that bring back the twinkle in your eye! 🤩

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