Celebrating DSP Week

collage of images of people, with text thank you DSPs!

This week, AIM celebrated Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week! Although DSPs are recognized for the remarkable work they do throughout the year, this is a unique time to draw attention to the professionals who go above and beyond every single day for the people they support. This year, we would like to acknowledge all that…
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AIM’s Vin Le Soir Event Boasts Regional Italian Culinary Delights, Wine, and Exciting Raffles

Vin Le Soir cover image

AIM’s Vin Le Soir Event Boasts Regional Italian Culinary Delights, Wine, and Exciting Raffles Grab a glass and journey to Florence, Italy on October 26th at Longfellows As people begin thinking of the upcoming season of giving, AIM will host its 8th Annual Vin Le Soir: A Night in Florence, to raise funds for the…
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Autism Acceptance Month 2022

Autism Acceptance month banner

Autism Awareness Month 2022 Every April, AIM Services joins our nation in celebrating Autism Awareness Month. We recognize the incredible contributions and accomplishments of people with autism, and we also strive to learn from the people we serve. We share their stories and ways for people to connect with people of diverse abilities, and we…
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February Reflections

hand with gloves holding in heart shape with sunset in the background, text February Reflections

The month of February and the celebration of Valentine’s Day at AIM seems to always place us in a reflective state. We look back over the last year, and stand in awe of the accomplishments of the people served, and the dedicated staff who stand by their side. Despite the countless challenges presented to them…
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PoP 11.7.2021: Vin Le Soir 2021

collage of pictures from Vin Le Soir 2021

Walt:                    Star Radio Sunday, jazz brunch time. Once again, for the power of potential with AIM Services, supporting people with disability and traumatic brain injury. One of my highlights of the week, checking in with executive director of AIM Services, Incorporated, Chris Lyons. Good morning, Chris. Chris:                    Good Sunday morning, Walt, great to hear your…
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AIM Services, Inc. Receives $50K for National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)

candid of group of people celebrating a large check donation

October 21, 2021 AIM Services, Inc. Receives $50K for National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) The Business for Good Foundation boosts Career Center plans, creates employment partnership In recognition of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), AIM Services, Inc., one of the area’s largest providers of services and support for individuals with disabilities, will receive…
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Infinity: “Never Say No, Always Say How”

group of people sitting at a dining table in a restaurant

Infinity: “Never Say No, Always Say How”  “The central message of the story of this program is that we have taken people with significant challenges and provided them with person-centered supports. Together, we have filled their lives with experiences and helped each one of them discover who they are as a person.” – Nicole Villano,…
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Emily and Maura: An Unbreakable Bond

Woman smiling holding painting stuck with another woman with curly hair

In recognition of Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Week, we are honored to share this incredible story with you—one that illustrates the power of personal connection and demonstrates just how meaningful and lifechanging our work can be, not only for the individuals we support, but for their loved ones as well. We invite you to read…
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PoP 7.18.2021: Interview with Kate Otis of Saratoga National Bank

Walt Adams: Time once again for the Power of Potential brought to you by AIM Services, where they have their Coquet on the Green tournament and Garden Party and Picnic in the Park coming up on Tuesday, August 3rd at Gavin park. Executive director, Chris Lyons is on much deserved time off right now, but…
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Interview with James during Autism Acceptance Month

James, a participant in AIM’s Self-Direction program, shared his story on B95.5 for Autism Acceptance Month. Read the full transcript below, or click the audio link at the bottom of this page to listen.   Audio: (singing) Speaker 2: B 95.5, today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites. No matter what comes at you today, shake it…
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