October 21, 2021

AIM Services, Inc. Receives $50K for National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)
The Business for Good Foundation boosts Career Center plans, creates employment partnership

candid of group of people celebrating a large check donation
Business for Good presents AIM with a $50K check for their Employment Services

In recognition of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), AIM Services, Inc., one of the area’s largest providers of services and support for individuals with disabilities, will receive a $50K from the Business for Good Foundation to solidify plans for a “Career Center” to support its Employment Services program. In addition, the two organizations will pair up to create employment opportunities for people with diverse abilities within the BFG Owned™ network of businesses.

“This partnership couldn’t have come at a better time,” said AIM’s Chief Development and Communications Officer, Bo Goliber. “We know that the people we support often encounter barriers to employment, so this allows us a whole new opportunity to enrich their skills and talents, and to build meaningful relationships in our community.”

Business for Good™ reimagines business as a seed for social change, with the power to change lives and shape communities. To fight the inequities of access to resources and support, Business for Good’s mission is to share resources, strategies and connections to help others build their dreams while giving back to their communities.

This partnership not only offers the necessary financial support to invest in AIM’s hope for a “Career Center”, which will further enhance access to training and technology, but it will also provide accessibility to jobs for the candidates within AIM’s Employment Services program by expanding their network of business partners.

“We believe that accessibility and education are the gateway to opportunities that should be available to all. This multi-faceted partnership is the perfect example of how aligned values and resources can change lives and communities,” said Business for Good’s Chief Brand Officer, Connie Frances Avila.

AIM’s Employment Services are a flexible, person-centered approach to assisting people of diverse abilities to explore their personal interests, develop their unique strengths and skill sets to maintain competitive employment. They offer a customized approach to foster the uniqueness of each person, and they match them with the needs of business partners to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The funds will be used to purchase laptops other office equipment that many of the job candidates may not have access to in their homes. It will also allow the program to invest in other partnerships that could further enhance career skills for those with specialized interests, like coding and graphic design.

Molly McCarthy, Director of Employment Services at AIM, said, “At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is sustainable, independent employment that benefits the individual, the business, and the community. This unique partnership with BFG will help us do exactly that. We are so thankful and excited for the access to new opportunities this will create.”

AIM supports its business partners in creating the work-based learning experiences, including listed job tasks, provided training, on-boarding, and maintenance of role, and in some cases, provide temporary wages while the potential employee learns position and business’ needs.

McCarthy said she invites other businesses to reach out to learn more about employing individuals with disabilities.

“Not only are you creating a more inclusive workforce, you’re creating a more independent lifestyle for the people we support, so that they can be active, contributing members of our community,” McCarthy said.

About The Business for Good Foundation™

With values rooted in equity, access, opportunity, and prosperity, BFG has advanced the model of traditional venture philanthropy to Do Good and Give Back to communities in the Greater Capital Region of Albany. The foundation, formed in 2020, seeks to give back to move forward and is rooted in the core principle of “for good, not gain.” Comprised of a mission-focused team, The Business for Good Foundation™ believes no challenge is insurmountable through hard and thoughtful work.

About AIM Services, Inc.

Formed in 1979, AIM Services, Inc. is a 501c (3) non-profit organization providing residential and community-based services to people with physical and intellectual disabilities, including those with traumatic brain injuries and those who are looking for nursing home transition or diversion. Through community-based services, advocacy, and education, dedicated professionals focus on supporting people in achieving their personal goals, while promoting a sense of self-confidence and independence. AIM Services, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the “power of potential” in people of diverse abilities. Visit our website at ww.AIMServicesinc.org.