AIM Services announces their Giving Tuesday plans to provide Holiday Support for People of Diverse Abilities and their families. Donations on Giving Tuesday provide funding for holiday purchases for these families as they face the tremendous economic strain brought forth by the ongoing pandemic.

When the current health crisis became part of the new reality in March of 2020, community programs for people with disabilities paused all in-person support services, as well as in-person schooling. Removed from the lives of hundreds of local families were the essential community programs upon which they heavily rely. The virtual or socially distant approach to program delivery of late does not meet the wide-ranging needs of people with disabilities. Households face immense financial difficulties in providing for their family, while simultaneously seeking adequate support for their loved ones.

The level of community involvement this Giving Tuesday will determine how many households we support will be able to provide a meaningful holiday for their families this year, shares Executive Director Christopher Lyons. Many families are in an impossible situation due to the pandemic. AIM Services is proud to assist these families, thankful for the generosity of our benefactors offering substantial matches, and optimistic that our community will show up for these families this holiday season.

The Community Programs offered by AIM Services for people with disabilities are designed to offer socially inclusive opportunities. These programs also allow the family members of people of diverse abilities to meet their work requirements, while also enjoying personal time independent of the needs of their loved ones. In response to the emergence of the COVID pandemic, the community programs to which these families have become so accustomed and greatly reliant upon, made the difficult decision to close their doors. One-on-one support and virtual learning were the new normal for these families. Although programs are slowly reopening this fall and winter, many families are not able to take part for various reasons.

The temporary cessation of in person Community Programs throughout the Capital Region, and beyond, has had far-reaching affects upon families with a loved one with a disability. Heads of households trying to maintain their careers and balance the needs of their children, has visited great hardship. AIM Services’ mission is to ensure the “Power of Potential” for every person supported. In this unique time, sometimes this means helping families with financial support to lighten the load. As we slowly reopen community programs, we understand that many families are not able to utilize in-person group programs due to a loved one’s vulnerability. This means that many households continue to struggle to make it all work. AIM remains dedicated to these families as together we reimagine the programmatic support upon which they rely and acknowledge the urgency of these families’ support needs, shares Lyons.

With the Holidays upon us, many households within the AIM Community continue to confront the same financial strains presented to them at the beginning of March 2020. Funding assistance from the community ensure these families’ holidays are intact. Without this support, many families will struggle, or be unable, to provide for their loved ones this holiday season. Donations from the community will also have double the impact due to the generous match from Saratoga Eagle for $5,000, and Frank & Delores Parillo for $2,500.

Make your Donation Online Now or by mail to AIM Services, Inc, 4227 Route 50, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866