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National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is a time to recognize the vital roles people with disabilities play in making the nation’s workforce diverse and inclusive. Read about the positive experience SingleCut’s Max Moorehouse has had in working with AIM in recognition of NDEAM (National Disability Employment Awareness Month).

Why do you think it’s important for businesses to hire people with diverse abilities?

Max: It’s important to hire people with diverse abilities because everyone deserves an opportunity to show what they can do. We focus on repacking and creating variety cases, and while the crew didn’t have much experience with the process, they came in ready to learn, and excited to work. They’ve each gotten better and better at what they’re doing, and have begun learning about other aspects of the business! Without partnering with AIM, we would be missing out on an eager, engaged group of workers.

How has the supported employment model, provided by AIM, helped you successfully employ the people they serve?

Max: The supported employment model has been a huge help to us. AIM gets our team here on time, and ready to work. They’ve helped our team with payroll questions, and are on top of making sure the team has everything they need to succeed. We have a few pieces of personal protective equipment that we require all employees to wear, and AIM has provided the team with everything they need. The support team at AIM have been very easy to work and communicate with. This has led to an incredibly reliable, consistent, and happy team!

What are some highlights and accomplishments you’ve seen from your employees (from AIM) while watching them learn and expand their knowledge and skills?

group of people holding beer over palettes of beerMax: There have been a bunch of moments where I feel super grateful and proud to be working with this team. Chad has become a master of pallet/case stacking. John S is fantastic at identifying and correcting potential mistakes before they become issues. Dan has stepped up into the team lead role, and has helped his team crush productivity goals. John K has branched out into other parts of the brewery; he helps on the can line, helps fix issues with pieces of equipment, and has begun training on the forklift. Everyone on this team has taken a big step outside their comfort zone, and has excelled.

What encouragement or advice would you offer to other businesses who are considering hiring employees through AIM’s Supported Employment program?

Max: I would highly recommend working with AIM to anyone who is thinking about it. As long as you can be direct, consistent and supportive, you’ll find yourself with an all star team who will brighten up everyone’s day.

What have you learned both personally and professionally now that you have worked with employees with diverse abilities?

Max: I don’t know if I’ve learned as much as I’ve affirmed my thoughts. My mother and cousin have both made careers out of working with people with diverse abilities, so it’s something that has been close to me most of my life. This team is made up of thoughtful, funny, hardworking individuals, and it’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know them all!

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