We Love AIM Nurses

group of two women and one man with disabilities holding hands in a circle and dancingEach day, AIM Services draws attention to the professionals who stand by the sides of people of diverse abilities. As an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are supporting one of the most vulnerable populations in our nation, all the while ensuring that these people’s dreams and goals are kept alive. Throughout the next week, Nurses Week, it is uniquely important to draw attention to the incredible nursing department at AIM Services. This group of dedicated people are by the sides of our DSPs teaching and guiding them on how to carefully and lovingly care for those we support. They do so in a manner in which people’s sense of dignity and pride are protected. The deep relationships they form with those we serve are characterized by selflessness, intense trust, and love and kindness.

Woman and man with disabilities sitting at a table together doing a puzzleAll of us at AIM are proud to call attention to the contributions of these fantastic nurses. This department is available 24/7 for the 150 people living in residential homes and apartments at AIM Services. Every single day they monitor the health and wellness of those we serve in the most person-centered manner. Amongst the hundreds of ways in which they care for the people we serve, their triage of medical situations effectively prevents unnecessary emergency medical visits that can often expose individuals to physical and emotional difficulties during these trying times.

To the AIM Nurses, thank you! We are not AIM without you.

I am honored to work with the nursing staff at AIM services. We have a great team with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The nurses work to support DSPs in learning the skills needed to support people in their homes and to be comfortable providing those supports. This team is always looking for ways to creatively provide for medical needs while allowing people to reach their full potential and live the life they choose.  When I listen to them in a meeting or watch them work it is clear to me that they are dedicated to the work they do and this is more than just a job to them. It’s about making a difference.  I truly think this group of nurses are dedicated, professional and care genuinely about the people we support. – Brandy Donbeck, Program Director of Nursing

I would like to thank everyone in our nursing department for not missing a beat during this COVID-19 pandemic. The members or the AIM Nursing team have all gone above and beyond during this trying time.  – Dan Hickey, Residential Program Director

Nurses all, thank you, thank you, thank you! Your constant care and dedication to the wellbeing of those we serve is admirable and appreciated beyond explanation. Happy Nurse’s day to you all. – Noelle Fortier, Executive Assistant

The nursing staff at AIM, past and present, have always made the greatest difference in the excellent care and support we are able to provide.  Thank you, one and all! – Ronald Hogan, Residential Manager

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