Autism Awareness Month 2022

Every April, AIM Services joins our nation in celebrating Autism Awareness Month. We recognize the incredible contributions and accomplishments of people with autism, and we also strive to learn from the people we serve. We share their stories and ways for people to connect with people of diverse abilities, and we provide helpful resources for families and loved ones.

Below, we share a few ways you can be more informed and stay connected with this incredible community!


  1. Look Around: Sometimes the answer to how you can help contribute to a more inclusive community is right in front of you. For example, many local business owners engage with AIM Services and employ people with disabilities. The Employment Services Program at AIM supports business owners as they make this important decision. AIM Services can also supports businesses by helping employees better support customers and visitors with disabilities. Businesses can take steps to ensure their building or storefront is accessible to all. With this, the ADA Website is a helpful website for businesses to explore.
  2. Promote Awareness: Nothing is too small or too big! You do not have to be directly supporting someone with autism to be part of perpetuating awareness and improving your knowledge of, and interactions with, people of diverse abilities. This year, the Saratoga Springs Fire Department is actively promoting Autism Awareness. Through the month of April, they are wearing royal blue shirts with artwork that focuses on Autism Awareness. In addition, firefighters are involved in training sessions where they will learn how to improve how they respond to and support people with autism. Check out WNYT New Channel 13’s newsreel about the Saratoga Springs Fire Department’s Autism Awareness Campaign here.
    The Saratoga Springs Fire Department’s Facebook Page also shares information about all the ways they are contributing to awareness. We hope this inspires you on your own path to promoting awareness!
  3. Read: There are dozens of blogs written by people with autism, by their parents or family members, and by professionals working alongside people with autism. Their blogs share insight into the experiences of people with autism and families with a loved one with autism, as well as a plethora of information and resources. Some well-known blogs include, Look Me in the Eye, I love ABA!, Finding Cooper’s Voice, and Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.
  4. Teach & Play Together: For those of us with children in our lives, we have a responsibility to foster awareness, understanding, and inclusive opportunities at a young age. Intentionally nurturing relationships with people of all abilities is essential to growing a more inclusive world. A great first step can be made by visiting Bring on the Spectrum Gym with your child, a local children’s gym where people of all abilities are welcome!
  5. Ask questions: For those who want to know how to be more involved in the lives of people of diverse abilities, many of your answers are a phone call or email away. One answer is to contact a local organization known to be successfully supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. AIM Services is one of the leading providers of services for people of diverse abilities. Through employment, volunteerism, or fundraising, you can get involved and become more educated. Contact us today and get involved!