Over the past two years, through the generosity of Stewart’s Shops and Mannix Marketing, AIM Services, Inc. was given the opportunity to work closely with the people at Mannix Marketing to learn how to build an online presence, and to completely redesigning the AIM website. Naturally during this time, employees at both places got to know each other, build relationships, and make personal connections.

Amberly Rundell
Amberly Rundell

Digital Marketing Strategist at Mannix Marketing, Amberly Rundell, is one of the incredible employees who has a powerful connection to the mission of AIM Services, Inc. in her professional and personal life. Before her career in digital marketing, Amberly worked for an organization supporting people with disabilities. “It’s really hard to put it into words. In theory, I was there to help them, but ultimately, they were helping me more by opening up my eyes and showing me that people deserve the best and are equal in life”, said Amberly. Most recently, Amberly became an Aunt to boy with Down Syndrome.

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