PoP 12.27.2020: Interview with Josh Phelps

Josh Phelps wearing s mask with an older woman

Walt: Time once again for the Power of Potential with AIM Services, supporting people with disability and traumatic brain injury. Each week, we look forward to talking to Executive Director Chris Lyons. Good morning, Chris. Chris Lyons: Good morning, Walt. I’m so glad that Santa made his way to your basement yesterday. Walt: I know,…
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PoP 11.29.2020: Giving Tuesday

giving tuesday 2020 banner

Walt: It’s time once again, for the Power of Potential with AIM Services, supporting people with disabilities and traumatic brain injury and our opportunity to talk with the Executive Director, Chris Lyons, and a special guest. Good morning, Chris. Chris Lyons: Happy Sunday, Walt, great to be with you, great to have enjoyed a wonderful…
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PoP 11.8.2020: Vin Le Soir, it’s a Wrap!

Group of people wearing black face masks all sitting around a table

Walt: Time again for the Power of Potential with AIM Services, supporting people with disabilities. We’ve had the great experience of having a wonderful Vin Le Soir our annual wine and food tasting. First of all, regarding the audio of the program, we are wearing masks for safety. We are with executive director, Chris Lyons…
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The Three C’s

girl on adaptive bicycle

Community… It’s a significant word. Community represents connections and support for one another. Whether a community is based on location, or common interests, it brings a diverse group of people together to learn, grow, and build lasting relationships. At AIM, we value our community members. Community provides natural supports to people with disabilities to learn,…
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Personal & Professional

Bob is the proud father of two girls, and caring husband to his wife Lyn. When their youngest daughter Julianna was born, their family knew she would need some level of support and began early intervention. When Julianna was 4 years old, she started receiving services through AIM. Julianna participates in AIM’s respite and recreation…
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Putting It Into Words

Over the past two years, through the generosity of Stewart’s Shops and Mannix Marketing, AIM Services, Inc. was given the opportunity to work closely with the people at Mannix Marketing to learn how to build an online presence, and to completely redesigning the AIM website. Naturally during this time, employees at both places got to…
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Being a Father to a Free Spirit Adventurer

Research Dive showing Indonesia Turtle

Father’s Day is always a special day. It’s a day we show our appreciation for our Dad’s and celebrate. It’s also a day for many Father’s to reflect on their experience of parenthood. In this special Power of Potential segment, Director of Public Relations at AIM, host of the Sunday Jazz Brunch show and father,…
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What is Family Care

Family Care is a program within Residential Settings that provides a unique living situation for the people AIM serves. Through Family Care, people with disabilities are given the opportunity to live with a family within the community. “It’s very family centered. The whole purpose of the program is to have an individual who is looking…
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Spring Clean Up with Community Friends

spring clean up! the gang helps setting up a wood fence

AIM Services, Inc. has a long-standing relationship with Rebuilding Together Saratoga of working together to beautify AIM Residential Settings and other homes in the community. As well, Saratoga Casino Hotel has supported AIM Services, Inc. with grants and other donations over the years. When given the opportunity to come together for a project, it was a…
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