Imagine…Group of three people at the top of a mountain

Imagine a world where all people are welcoming and accepting of those who are different.

Imagine a place where smiles and hugs replace avoidance and stares, and a place where affirmations and encouragement replace doubt and fear.

Imagine a time and a place where everyone feels confident to work, play, interact, and participate in all the things that make life worth living.

At AIM Services, we don’t just imagine this world, we live it and we create it every day.

Today, we thank you because it is with YOUR support that AIM Services is able to make the world a brighter place for those we serve, their families, and everyone with whom they come in contact.

One third of all families in the United States are impacted by disability. Founded in 1979, AIM Services, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the “power of potential” in people of diverse abilities through community based services, advocacy, and education. And, with your support this holiday season, we will not only sustain this mission, we will grow it.

Please consider a year-end gift to AIM Services. We put the power of potential into every dollar we receive.

At this precious time of year, we would like to share with you a few of our proudest moments.

Darlene posing with two staff from an ice cream shop

Darlene is the ‘energizer bunny’ of advocacy for those with epilepsy.

Darlene was diagnosed as a small child with epilepsy. Most people don’t know how difficult it is to treat the disease and how disrupting seizures can be to normal development for a child. Now in her twenties, Darlene lives with seizures and the side effects from the medication she must take daily. But, determined, outgoing, and friendly, Darlene chooses not to let her challenges slow her down.

Darlene works and enjoys a busy social and community-centered life. Every day of Darlene’s life is an adventure. Darlene is also an advocate for other people striving for their independence.

Darlene attends meetings to fight for enforcement of our current laws and has built relationships with state representatives and local officials in her advocacy efforts. For her tenacity, she has been recognized and commended. Most notably she received the CCC (Character, Courage, Commitment) Award from the New York State Attorney General and was honored with the Individual Advocacy & Achievement Award from the Epilepsy Foundation.

“At AIM Services, we could not be more proud that Darlene is part of our family,” said June MacClelland, Chief Compliance Officer. “Not only is Darlene a shining example of someone who is living up to their potential, she is working on improving the path to independence for others.”

Julianna in a Tae Kwon Doe pose

At AIM, Julianna can be a happy carefree kid.

When Bob and Lyn’s youngest daughter Julianna was born, their family knew she would need some level of support and began early intervention. When Julianna turned 4 years old, Bob and Lyn signed up with AIM Services. That decision changed their lives.

Julianna participates in AIM’s respite, enhanced respite and recreation programs, such as Friday Night Owls and Summer Recreation. She is a happy and warm-hearted girl who loves animals, dancing, and martial arts.

“Everyone cares so much and everything at AIM is so heartfelt,” said Julianna’s dad, Bob. “She receives socialization and interaction with people that we thought she could never have. We’re thankful we found AIM Services.”

Every youngster should feel the carefree joy of childhood. No child should feel ostracized and bullied. With your gift to AIM, Services this holiday season, we can continue to expand our services for children and their families to brighten their lives as we do for Julianna and her family.

Portrait of Saari after her TBI
Saari after her TBI

AIM Services came to the rescue when Saari thought all roads to help with her Traumatic Brain Injury were dead ends.

At AIM, our mission to support the ‘power of potential’ in everyone means all people with disabilities, including those with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), should live life to the fullest of their potential. We help each individual to find that potential in ways that they may never have considered. Our programs are individually created and goal driven allowing individuals to increase their independence, learn and enjoy local resources, travel safely and live full lives.

Saari was leading an adventurous life fueled by her creativity, intellectual curiosity and her physical fitness. She remembers nothing of the evening after having her episode of AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) in March 2013. All that she knows of about the event, she has learned from others.

“I had my injury during the course of Friday night into early Saturday morning. On both the Thursday and Friday before, I went on a hike each day. I was learning how to identify the different plants for healing and tea making. Then the Friday evening, all I remember is going to sleep. I lived alone and the following was told to me by my downstairs neighbor. She said I called her and asked her to help me dress and take me to the hospital. She put me in a dress and a flower in my hair. My cousin said I looked beautiful when I got to the hospital. My cousin said I told her that my head had exploded.”Saari

Following her discharge from the hospital, Saari felt lost. She sought support from various organizations but was met with a frustrating wall of unreturned calls and failure to follow through.

I was so desperate and very tired of trying,” said Saari. “God was my constant companion through all of this. I heard God say: ‘Try this one.’ [referring to AIM Services]. I left a message for Diane Hall and she called me back. It felt like ‘hope’ arrived. And then she put me in touch with Lisa Costello and I exhaled; I felt caught.”

To those in the community with TBI, AIM provides essential services such as service coordination, funding assistance for transitioning back into the community, provision of assistive technology, community integration counseling and environmental modifications.

“I love how AIM provides each individual with a tailored program based on strength and support allowing people to reach their greatest potential.”- Hall of Fame Jockey Ramon Dominquez, who lives successfully with TBI.

At AIM, we don’t say no, we say how.

Here, at AIM Services, we not only imagine a time and a place where every child, woman, and man could live every day with joy and pride, we create that world for thousands of people. Since 2017, we have added 1000 ‘people-served’ to our family and added four desperately needed new residential homes. In addition, we currently serve more than 200 children in a combination of community habilitation and respite services such as our  Friday Night Owls, Saturday Rec, Summer Rec, and the after school program. In addition to enlarging our reach throughout eastern upstate New York, AIM Services has expanded to serve Long Island, NY with Self-Direction services. With your support, our dedicated staff and volunteers can make that world a reality for many more thousands of people in need.

Please make your gift to AIM Services, Inc. today so that we can continue to expand our services adding new communities and new clients every day.

Thank you for your gift to AIM Services in this season of giving.

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