AIM Services, Inc. not only strives to bring inclusion to the community for people with developmental disabilities. We also strive to be involved in the community as a whole. We believe in the importance of community, and that we all have a part to play to keep it thriving.


Back in 1987, John T Roohan wanted to support a presence of people with developmental disabilities in the city of Saratoga Springs. John approached AIM to say he would construct and lease a 12 bedroom residence to us with an option to purchase.

This was a great opportunity and AIM has been serving people in this home since then.


When Chris Lyons started working for AIM Services, Inc. in 2012, he brought his relationship with Rebuilding Saratoga County.

One of the Residential Settings AIM owned was in need of some sprucing up. From interior renovations to landscapes, improvements were necessary. Rebuilding Saratoga County and AIM Services, Inc. worked together to rebuild and beautify the supportive apartment, which lead to rebuilding and beautifying many AIM residences.

Grateful for the services Rebuilding Saratoga County provided, AIM Services, Inc. wanted to help beyond our houses. Over the years our staff has volunteered with Rebuilding Saratoga County to work on other residences throughout the community.


In 2013, after 25 years of payments, the Roohan family turned the property over to AIM Services, Inc. Seeing the work Rebuilding Saratoga County had done with our houses over the years, Tom Roohan (John’s son), and friends of Roohan, wanted to be a part of a project involving the residence they constructed.

For the past two years now, Roohan Realty and Rebuilding Saratoga County have worked with us to beautify the AIM residence Roohan constructed. One of our most recent collaborative beautification projects was an urban garden build, which took place in May of 2015.


  • Community Collaborations  - Rebuilding Together Saratoga
  • AIM Residential Manager Mike Vyent with a Rebuilding Together Saratoga volunteer
  • Community collaborations rebuilding fence
  • Community Collaborations working on fence
  • Rebuilding Together Saratoga with Roohan Realty and AIM Services, Inc.

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