What is Family Care

Family Care is a program within Residential Settings that provides a unique living situation for the people AIM serves. Through Family Care, people with disabilities are given the opportunity to live with a family within the community. “It’s very family centered. The whole purpose of the program is to have an individual who is looking…
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Sunny the Dog

young puppy passed out on couch

Meet Sunny the dog, the newest member of an AIM Services, Inc. Residential Setting in South Glens Falls. The six housemates/residents living there have been planning for a long time to get a dog. By saving money each week, and creating a shared schedule and budget for taking care of the dog, Sunny is a…
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Community Collaborations

man waters flowers and fills up bird bath

AIM Services, Inc. not only strives to bring inclusion to the community for people with developmental disabilities. We also strive to be involved in the community as a whole. We believe in the importance of community, and that we all have a part to play to keep it thriving. Building Back in 1987, John T…
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How a Trip to the YMCA Changed Everything

At AIM Services, we believe that listening and truly getting to know the people we work with is the key to providing compassionate, empowering care. Making simple changes to a person’s plan based on what we learn from listening and learning about him or her can have an impactful positive outcome. AIM Program Director Derek…
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