A special needs class from Queensbury School dreamed of taking a trip to Boston to visit the Science Museum and Aquarium. The class consists of six children on the autism spectrum ranging from kindergarten age to fourth grade.

Unfortunately, with the cost of transportation, class size, and special needs of the class, this trip could not be sponsored by the school.

One of the parents set up a donation page on a fundraising site and reached out to the AIM Services, Inc. Facebook page to simply share the page on AIM’s social media accounts. “When I saw the message on our Facebook page, I immediately had to share it with the staff. I knew everyone who worked here would want to help”, said Marissa Wendolovske, Program Director of Development and Social Media.

“At AIM, we care about the community. We realize that without our community we would not be able to care for the people we serve as well as we do without their support. When we learned of the parents’ efforts, we knew we had to do more to help our fellow community members”, said Director of Public Relations, Walt Adams.

AIM Services, Inc. has a great relationship with The Fun Spot in Queensbury, where many of the people AIM serves frequently visit. On Saturday, February 27, AIM Services, Inc. had the honor of holding a benefit fundraiser with 50% of admission proceeds going 100% towards the field trip.

AIM Services, Inc. was able to raise $380 towards the trip at this benefit!

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