AIM Services, Inc. offers a variety of Employment Services: from exploring basic work concepts and discovering strengths and interests, to on-the-job support to maintain competitive integrated employment.

The people we serve have the opportunity to volunteer at places that are of interest to them to improve their abilities. AIM individualizes each program to further enhance the skill set of each person.

Mark began volunteering with Franklin Community Center’s Project Lift Program in 2015. Project Lift is an after school program for income-eligible families in the Saratoga Springs School District.

Mark assists by preparing snacks for the children, as well as, healthy foods to bring home. The children develop skills such as time management, social interactions, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Katie Page, Program Director of Employment Services, recounts his success, “Mark has developed wonderful relationships with the children and the staff at the program. The children see past Mark’s disability and truly connect with him as a positive role model. We have seen his confidence soar!” She continues, “This confidence has transcended to his job as well. Mark has grown personally and professionally. He has matured into a wonderful advocate for himself for the supports he needs on the job. He asks for assistance when he needs it to assume more responsibilities.”

Mark is a wonderful role model to everyone around him. Everyone at AIM Services, Inc. looks forward to supporting Mark as he continues to progress on his path of success!

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