Today is Employee Appreciation Day!


At AIM Services, the gratitude we have for our incredible staff members is never ending. The work you do affects thousands of people every single day. You are helping people accomplish their dreams and goals each day you come into work. Even more, your giving nature has assisted thousands of families and have given them comfort in knowing they are not alone. You have given these families the support they need in order to provide a wonderful life for their loved ones. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope you are proud of yourselves for your impact upon our wonderful community.
AIM Services has grown immensely these last few years. It is amazing to realize that we have not lost the personal touch that is central to our agency. You, the employees, carry the message of our mission so perfectly. In doing so, you promote the goals of community inclusion and education that is indicative of true successful advocacy. We are certain that, together, the employees at AIM Services will continue to assist the people we support in realizing a more supportive and involved community.