PoP 3.7.2021: Interview with Karen Gregory

Woman with glasses and maroon sweater with text "Interview with Karen Gregory"

Walt: Star Radio, Sunday Jazz Brunch. It’s time, once again, for the Power of Potential with AIM Services, supporting people with disabilities and traumatic brain injury. Each week, we get a chance to talk to you the Executive Director, Chris Lyons. Good morning, sir. Chris Lyons: Good morning, Walt. Happy Sunday. It’s great to visit…
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The Click

Katie Page and friend in front of Gateway Arch

My week presenting at the 2019 National APSE Conference by Katie Page, Program Director of Employment Services As I sit and reflect on the amazing week I had in St. Louis at the 2019 National APSE Conference, I am overwhelmed and inspired. Overwhelmed with the knowledge I gained from presenters, colleagues, and new friends. Inspired…
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March 1: Employee Appreciation Day

Today is Employee Appreciation Day! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! At AIM Services, the gratitude we have for our incredible staff members is never ending. The work you do affects thousands of people every single day. You are helping people accomplish their dreams and goals each day you come into work. Even more, your…
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