In the Summer of 2018, AIM Services received an Investment Grant from United Way of the Greater Capital Region. The Grant specifically brought much needed funding to AIM Services’ Person-Centered Enhanced Respite Program.

United Way of the Greater Capital Region works to advance the common good in the Greater Capital Region by investing in the building blocks for a good life. Their philosophy is that together, united, we accomplish more than any one person or single agency could alone. United Way understands that the challenges our community faces can seem overwhelming. But change is possible when we pool our dollars, our expertise and our effort, and focus on the issues that matter most, to help those who need it the most, in ways that achieve the greatest impact.

 What is AIM Services’ Enhanced Respite?

AIM Services’ Enhanced Respite Program is defined by an intensive focus, together with an individual’s school and family, on providing consistent tools to support a child at home, at school, and in their communities.

An experience-rich life in the community directly impacts an individual’s social, emotional and intellectual development. Building relationships with community providers, educating the community about this program, and extending social networks and friendships in the person’s life are integral pieces of this development.

As a result, there is decrease in isolation, segregation and restricted opportunities.

group of young kids doing yoga
Group Respite for Saturday Recreation Yoga Class
young girl doing yoga pose
Group Respite for Saturday Recreation Yoga Class
Group of young people doing yoga
Group Respite for Saturday Recreation Yoga Class

What are the Differences Between AIM Services’ Enhanced Respite and Traditional Respite?

respite comparison graphic

Community Partnerships

It is the very lack of funding for the Enhancement of the Respite Program that led AIM Services to discover the incredible giving opportunities offered by United Way of the Greater Capital Region.

This special partnership ensures that Enhanced Respite remains as an option to every person we support. Even more, it is this type of partnership that helps our community become more aware of the opportunities offered by AIM Services, to invest in the future of individuals of diverse abilities, and to align themselves to the goal of a more inclusive community.

Family Connections

Today, AIM Services’ Person Centered Enhanced Respite is opening doors for many families. In their own words, a husband and wife describe the results of Enhanced Respite Supports in their two sons’ lives:

“Our sons have received respite care from AIM for over 5 years. The new Enhanced Respite program is a big help to our family, we see improvement after each get together. The staff is very attentive to the special needs of our children, and have built a bond that is the result of their one on one teaching. Each of the respite providers that I have met over the past year are professional, personal and very skilled at what they do. I am always amazed at how well they match the respite provider to meet my sons’ needs. They have met all my scheduling requests and have been a huge support to our family. I don’t know what we would do without AIM. The caregivers are trustworthy and work well with my special-needs sons. I would recommend AIM to any parent needing care for their children. Enhanced Respite has continually gone above and beyond expectations to make sure that my son has care and compassion, as well as to make sure that my anxiety levels are kept low when my husband and I are not with them. They are truly the BEST in this profession!”