Philip started volunteering as a hydration assistant for the Green Jackets, a semi-pro football team in Glens Falls, in the beginning of August and just finished up a couple weeks ago for the season. His main duties were to provide water for the team at all their practices and home games; but he also was their best hype man. On his last day, the team named Phillip honorary team captain.  “I made it on the field and they announced my name, they gave me a jersey… and it was really cool. I had a really good time with them,” said Phillip.

Phillip knew some of the players from Granville, where he was their football captain while in high school.  “The team was really supportive, especially the guys I know from Granville,” said Phillip. It was the team’s idea to name him team captain of the Green Jackets. Phillip loved the opportunity to be on the semi-pro team.

His volunteering for the team was a part of his Pathway to Employment through AIM Services Employment Services programs. “My goals are to either live with my dad or go into a supportive apartment,” said Phillip. Phillip has been making steps toward this goal by working on alone time and focusing on his employment services with the support of his staff.

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