Bob and daughter Julianna on a golf cart

Bob is the proud father of two girls, and caring husband to his wife Lyn. When their youngest daughter Julianna was born, their family knew she would need some level of support and began early intervention. When Julianna was 4 years old, she started receiving services through AIM. Julianna participates in AIM’s respite and recreation programs, such as Friday Night Owls and Summer Recreation. She is a happy and warm-hearted girl who loves animals, dancing, and martial arts.

Julianna in martial arts wear with a yellow belt

As a father, Bob commented on the benefits for his daughter, saying “…it’s a lot of socialization and interaction, and everybody is just so heartfelt, and they care so much.”

In 2013, Bob started his career at AIM as maintenance staff. Since then he has worked his way through the ranks to his current position as Program Director of Operations. Over the past (almost) five years of working at AIM, Bob shared, “You really get a chance to see how amazing some of these DSPs are. It takes a very special type of person to work with the individuals.”

Bob and daughter Julianna on the dance floor at the Holiday Tea

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