When Will was a child he had a seizure that caused him to fall and damage some of his teeth. From that point on, Doctors ordered Will to wear a helmet anytime he was awake, unless he was sitting or lying down.

Will, now 29 years old, along with his support team came together to discuss how Will felt about his helmet. Will expressed his struggles with meeting girls and building relationships. “Out of the blue a support staff made the statement, ‘thinking back over the recent years, I can’t remember a time where he had a seizure while awake or standing up’. This opened up a whole new train of thought” said Derek Taylor, Program Director for Residential.

Will’s support team started looking through the last few years of documentation, along with some investigation at his day program for their feedback and opinions. The team wasn’t able to find any reason why Will should still be wearing his helmet because his seizures were so infrequent.

Based on these facts, and the overwhelming desire of Will to stop wearing his helmet, the team consulted with the Physician who has currently continued this order, and he agreed that it warranted a discontinuation. This has totally changed his life in a positive way. He stated that he feels it will be easier for him to find a girlfriend now and to meet people.

This is just one example of how a team pulled together to support Will’s choice and to ask, and challenge, the ever important question—why?

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