PoP 11.7.2021: Vin Le Soir 2021

collage of pictures from Vin Le Soir 2021

Walt:                    Star Radio Sunday, jazz brunch time. Once again, for the power of potential with AIM Services, supporting people with disability and traumatic brain injury. One of my highlights of the week, checking in with executive director of AIM Services, Incorporated, Chris Lyons. Good morning, Chris. Chris:                    Good Sunday morning, Walt, great to hear your…
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PoP 8.15.2021: Croquet!

man holding a mic for another man to speak into

Walt Adams: Time once again for the Power of Potential with AIM Services, supporting people with diverse abilities and traumatic brain injury. With us is Executive Director, Chris Lyons. Chris, I’ve missed you. I know you had a well-deserved time off, but it’s great to have you back again. Chris Lyons: Good Sunday morning, my…
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