PoP 3.12.2021: Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month with Kyle Welch

Kyle Welch on Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month

Walt Adams: Star Radio Sunday Jazz Brunch. I’m Walt Adams, time for our power of potential from AIM Services, supporting people with disability and traumatic brain injury. Each week, I look forward to talking to my good friend, Chris Lyons, Executive Director. Good morning, Chris. Chris Lyons: Good happy Sunday morning. Walt, it’s so good…
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Department of Health: A Dynamic Team Spreading Community Awareness

Department of Health A Dynamic Team Spreading Community Awareness

Team Strength Neil, like so many other DOH (Department of Health) Service Coordinators at AIM Services, stands by the side of those people who are either facing life after a traumatic brain injury, or by those who are aging and wanting to remain on their own and maintain the lives they have built for themselves….
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Darlene for Mayor

portrait of Darlene with colorful background

Connected It is a true pleasure sitting down and talking with the people we support and getting their story straight from the source. It is gratifying when you realize, despite their daily obstacles, they are flourishing and having great life experiences. It is the goal of our organization that each person we support is as…
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