Meet Sunny the dog, the newest member of an AIM Services, Inc. Residential Setting in South Glens Falls.

The six housemates/residents living there have been planning for a long time to get a dog. By saving money each week, and creating a shared schedule and budget for taking care of the dog, Sunny is a happy pup!

“Allowing Sunny the dog to be a part of this wonderful home is what we like to think of as a random act of inclusion; being of the community is more important than being in the community. We don’t want just our folks that we support to be amongst you, we want them to be of you”, said Chris Lyons, Senior Director & Counsel.

  • Old man with dog sitting on bench
  • Happy young man with a dog
  • Handsome young man playing with dog
  • young man playing with dog
  • Handsome young man playing with dog on leather couch
  • Dog is sleeping on leather grey couch

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